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Size 16" X 20" (approx.)
Materials Baby fingering yarn, sports yarn for babies (soft and cuddly)
Knitting Needle Size #4, #5, or #6
Stitch Explanation Border in either seed stitch or Garter Stitch or any stitch that doesn't have holes.
Body of Blanket Stockinet St. Knit row 1, purl row 2.

Cast on 100 Stitches. Work 1 to 2 inches of border. (Whatever you choose)

Work 10 stitches in border pattern, knit across row until last 10 stitches. Work last 10 sts. in border pattern. (You can use a stitch marker to help you keep a straight line up piece.)

Pattern: 10 sts. border pattern, 80 sts. knit, 10 sts. border pattern. Next row: 10 sts. border, Purl 80 sts. then 10 sts. border pattern.

Continue in this pattern for 20". Bind of in pattern st. Weave in ends.

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